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May 17, 2017
Welcome to the Certified program

We¹ve had many, many people offer their assistance in helping the program grow and improve. They recognize the value and importance of the program to our industry and community, and want to help. This sport seems to attract great, forward-thinking and helpful people like that. You probably wouldn¹t be reading this if you weren¹t like that, too.

We recognize that this is a brand new program, and it¹ll take some time to work out all the details, so we welcome any constructive input, suggestions or ideas. Please understand that we¹re moving as fast as we can, so if we don¹t implement something you suggest immediately, stand by. We¹ll get to it as soon as practical.

The purpose of this forum is to collect constructive input, answer questions, and to share ideas about how to spread the word about the Certified program. As with any forum, use it for good, and not evil! :)

Thanks for your interest and help.

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May 25, 2017

This was actually much more helpful than expected. I went in expecting to know most of what was discussed, hoping to learn one or two things. Instead, I learned like 5 or 6 new things and new ideas.

Most important part that I learned, was that asking questions - something I thought might make me seem less knowledgeable - might actually help more than I realised!

Nice programme, Ross!

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May 31, 2017

First, I would like to commend and thank you for the program. I am a director for the Mustang Club of America and a part of the track committee. It was always my goal to take the club track program to a different level with the first priority being saftey. As a racer, I realized, being an instructor was a diffent career and jumped at the chance to complete the first step of the program. I hope to go forward with it, but, more importantly, see it become a standard in our events.

I like that the test does not give you answers when you are wrong. I think its imperative to maintain the integrity of the test to insure the validation of the certificate. On the other hand, I did have some issue with the test wording and was stuck at 88% for a bit. I am wondering if there is a validation process for the test? Most questions were straight forward but, there was a couple that either I overthought or, we just a tad confusing. And then again, it may have been me. I am an emergency service driving instructor, a fire service instructor and I did instruct for the millitary a while ago (OK, maybe a bit more thena while ago) So, I am familure with education and testing.

Overall though, I was thrilled to see the program and look forward to my peers participating




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June 6, 2017

Thank you very much for your input Tim.  It is greatly appreciated!  Can you please provide examples of the questions that were confusing so we may tweak them?  Thank you for your time.


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June 2, 2017

Great job on the program and Level One Course. Like the guys above - and probably many of the folks taking the course, thought we knew it all, or even enough - but in the end take away many new things and at least new ways to think about the things we do know - all great stuff. I REALLY appreciate the THOUGHT behind many of the points, especially the discussion on how we process information and make decisons based on inputs and programming. Very well done and of course dead-on. 

I'm actually excited to be able to apply things learned here - and really look forward to adding to my gray-haired experiences (wisdom) helping others learn more.

Thanks very much -


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August 25, 2017

I have completed Level 1 and hope to have the Level 2 completed shortly.  I understand Level 2 training is done by outside organizations. I am unable to find any information on Level 3 training.   Can you provide some insight as to how that will be done and when it will be available.  

Great program



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