Certified: Coming in 2017

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In 2017, the Motorsport Safety Foundation plans to implement an online training and test for drivers wishing to move into racing, as well as a set of standards that High Performance Driving schools and instructors must meet to be certified. Thousands of people participate in performance driving programs each year in the US and abroad. The curriculums that are taught and the ways in which these programs are operated are relatively uncontrolled.

Our Certified project aims to provide structure around the selection of instructors, the curriculum they teach, and training standards for them. This initiative may result in the single biggest contribution that the Motorsport Safety Foundation could make to motorsport, ultimately changing the culture of safety within the racing community.

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Certified will offer online training and testing for drivers wishing to move into racing. It will verify a minimum knowledge level for motorsport safety, rules and best practices. Collaborate on this project!