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Monaco Boss Blasts 'F1 Cars Packaged in Cotton Wool'

Phillip van Osten
April 10, 2018

As a long standing a member of the old guard, Monaco boss Michel Boeri concedes he is no fan of Formula 1's halo safety concept.

The man who has been at the helm of the glitzy Principality's Grand Prix for decades is bucking the trend this year by keeping the girls on the Monaco grid.

But Boeri just took another shot at political correctness by lambasting F1's safety efforts which have gone too far according to the distinguished President of the Automobile Club de Monaco.

"They will install an ejector seat next," Boeri told Nice Matin newspaper.

"Motor racing is dangerous. If the Halo helps the do-gooders, then great. But I think there was no need for action.

"If you try for full safety in Formula 1, it is against the nature of the sport and disfigures the cars. F1 is not for weaklings," he added.

"I may be from the old guard and perhaps my view is outdated. But a Formula 1 car packaged in cotton wool will not bring out the people," Boeri added.

Boeri pinpoints Liberty Media's specific 'American' vision of the world as the reason for its recent initiatives, but he also vows to preserve the positive relationship Monaco enjoys with F1's commercial rights holder.

"The new leadership sees the sport through American glasses," he explained.
"Their vision is different from Europeans.

"But we have a good relationship with Liberty Media. They understand that F1 is watched from a yacht with a glass of champagne and as a fan eating a sausage sandwich.

"Apart from the grid girls thing, there is nothing wrong."

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