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Danny White

Username: Danny White

Location: Indianapolis

Occupation: Director of Motorsports, Purdue University

Sanctioning Body: INDYCAR, NHRA

Ambassador Areas: Fire Safety, Midget, NHRA

Danny White leads Purdue University's Motorsports initiatives. He also has developed and leads their Motorsports-based STEM initiative, MSTEM3. Danny began his career at Purdue in Engineering Education and moved to the newly created Motorsports position in 2010. With a strong background in open wheel racing, the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), the United States Auto Club (USAC), Safety Management as well as Motorsports Emergency Service, it was a natural fit.

Danny has taken the Purdue Motorsports Program beyond the original vision and goals. With the International Collegiate Ev Grand Prix in its 5th year, Danny is a pioneer in electric vehicle racing. From concept to on-track product, Ev racing is where it is today as a result of Purdue University's commitment to advance transportation technology.

His entry into the IndyCar neighborhood came with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Fire Crew where his last assignment was Truck #1. Danny found a love for open wheel racing and in 1995, left the Fire Crew and became the Senior Safety Specialist for Boehringer Mannheim Corporation (now Roche). From there he went to work for Dick Simon Racing. He had the privilege of fueling for Eddie Cheever in his 1998 Indy 500 win, then off to Players Forsythe and Gregg Moore.

Danny holds numerous industry certifications, and has developed numerous successful programs in Motorsports, Ev Racing and Safety Management. Danny has earned a Certificate in Safety Management from the Society of Safety Engineers, completed the requirements for the designation Certified Safety Manager (CSM) from the National Safety Management Society, and obtained the Motorsports Emergency Services Certification from the State of Indiana Public Safety Training Institute. Danny is also trained in Hazardous Materials and Incident Command.



1) What do you consider to be the single greatest advancement in motorsport safety in the last 50 years?

The collective and collaborative efforts that went into the drafting of NFPA 610 Guide for Emergency and Safety Operations at Motorsport Venues.

2) You can either implement one new motorsport rule or get rid of an existing one. Which option do you choose and what rule would it be?

I would add one. The rule would need to be agreed upon by ACCUS but, mandatory full course yellows anytime a safety truck/worker is on the track.

3) What is your favorite racing circuit and why?

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It is the granddaddy of them all and many safety innovations have come from this legendary place.

4) Who is your hero?

President John F. Kennedy.

5) What do you hope to accomplish as an MSF Ambassador?

To make a difference, be a resource where I can as we transition Motorsport Safety to a proactive arm that engages track owners, insurance brokers, team owners, team members, safety workers and drivers to bring the best safety management choices to the sport. To work at all levels to help those at the top understand how they can see a return on their investment with great safety initiatives and those that do the work to understand all the latest to keep them safe and healthy. To use the resources of Purdue University and others to do the research and development to take us to the next level and develop solutions that work.

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