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Darren Hickey

Username: DarrenHickey

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Occupation: Sports & Entertainment Insurance Broker


Ambassador Areas: Insurance

Darren Hickey joined Gregory & Appel in 1998. Since that time he has developed and grown the Sports & Entertainment team to become one of the premier specialty brokers in the United States.

Darren’s expertise in this area includes insuring motorsports drivers, teams, racing series, tracks/events, manufacturers, and more. Professional athletes, teams, agents, and more can count on unmatched client risk management services.

Darren has also worked with professional entertainers, venues, promoters, and others in the music industry. Darren has been sought out for his expertise by such media as Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick, St. Pete/Tampa Bay Times, Crittendonline.com and in the book, Ahead of the Game, written by Ken Ungar.
 He is currently a member of the International Council on Motorsports Sciences and a regular supporter of many client foundations and other charity causes.



1) What do you consider to be the single greatest advancement in motorsport safety in the last 50 years?

The development and implementation of the HANS Device and SAFER Barrier.

2) You can either implement one new motorsport rule or get rid of an existing one. Which option do you choose and what rule would it be?

Mandatory random drug and alcohol testing for all levels and types of professional racing.

3) What is your favorite racing circuit and why?

Indianapolis Motor Speedway because of the history and significance of what’s occurred there over the last 100 years.

4) Who is your hero?

A.J. Foyt

5) What do you hope to accomplish as an MSF Ambassador?

My mission as an MSF Ambassador is to increase awareness of state-of-the-art racing safety in the minds of everyone in motorsports - from drivers to safety teams to sanctioning bodies to fans to the media.

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