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Peter Monte

Username: Pmonte

Location: Commack, New York

Occupation: Sr Project Manager

Ambassador Areas: Karting

Peter Monte has a decade of experience in project management, business operations and event management in the retail and publishing industries. He has both on-site and management experience with construction projects in the retail industry, and has overseen events for several nonprofits.

Peter is Senior Project Manager at Pivotal Retail Group, a firm that provides unique solutions to simplify the entire retail merchandising process and increase sales. He was formerly Regional Vice President of HGA Quest, a merchandising services company that provides merchandising, marketing, fixture installation, and project management services to leading retailers, vendors, and fixture manufacturers nationwide. There he managed the New York Metro area for all merchandising resets, in-store events, fixture installations, large-scale store remodels and new store openings. He is a member of the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation, an organization providing opportunities for shooters of all skill levels and experience to compete together in simple, but challenging courses of fire.

Peter is currently President of the Long Island Karting Association, the premier high performance go kart racing club on Long Island.



1) What do you consider to be the single greatest advancement in motorsport safety in the last 50 years?

The development of SAFER barriers has to be one of the top safety advancements in motorsports in recent years. The energy absorbing capabilities has saved many drivers from serious injury.

2) You can either implement one new motorsport rule or get rid of an existing one. Which option do you choose and what rule would it be?

Karting is an open wheel sport intended to have limited contact between the karts on the track. Too many times I see new drivers, both young and old, try to make a pass by shoving another kart either going into a corner or coming out of a corner. This is not the way to make a pass. Good drivers look for an opportunity to make a clean pass on another driver. I would like to see stiffer penalties for aggressive driving.

3) What is your favorite racing circuit and why?

My favorite track is the New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, New Jersey. The track is both technical and has some nice long straightaways. The elevation changes are also great to drive on. It is a great karting facility for both new and experienced drivers.

4) Who is your hero?

Hero is a very powerful title. I would have to say drivers like Mario Andretti, Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton and some of the great drivers in our sport.

5) What do you hope to accomplish as an MSF Ambassador?

My goal as a MSF Ambassador is to help spread the awareness and the development of safety in motorsports. We all love this sport and want to see it continue to grow. But more importantly, we want to see all of our drivers race again and someday, when they retire, hear their stories about, "When I used to race..."

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