Webinar: The Art & Science of Racing in the Rain

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The best wet-weather drivers are not born with a “rain gene.” They develop their skills and mindset to be fast on wet tracks. And you can, too.

One thing we can’t control in our sport is the weather. You get what you’re given, and if that’s rain, well…learn to love it!

If you want to change how you feel about driving in the rain, develop your skills, and have a strategy for dealing with a wet track, Ross Bentley will share all of that with you in The Art & Science of Racing in the Rain webinar on September 11th, 2018.

Many drivers hate driving in the rain. Why? Because they don’t have a strategy for dealing with or haven’t developed their “wet weather skills,” and therefore don’t believe they’re good in the rain. If your usual response to rain is to either pack up and go home, or grit your teeth, tense up and drive slowly, this webinar will change your entire approach to rain driving – and gain an edge on those who don’t.

    Tuesday, September 11th
    8:30PM Eastern/5:30PM Pacific

    90 minute webinar with Q&A session
    Registration closes on Sunday, September 9th

    Limited Enrollment

    You’ll develop:

    • A mindset that looks forward to wet weather driving
    • A deep sense of comfort and confidence
    • The skills & techniques to support this mindset

    You’ll learn:

    • How to search for & use the track’s grip
    • What to change on your car’s setup
    • How to build your confidence
    • What skills & techniques need to be adapted
    • How to use corner entry speed to your benefit
    • What to do on a partially wet & drying track
    • How to manage your tension & breathing
    • What “squaring off a corner” means & how to use it
    • How to develop the mindset of a Rain Meister

    Is this for you? It is if you…

    • Would like to feel more comfortable & confident driving on a wet track
    • Are a HPDE or track day driver
    • Are an autocrosser
    • Are a club, vintage/historic & pro racer
    • Are anywhere in the inexperienced to very experienced range
    • Want to maximize your chances of performing well in a major championship race!

    The Art & Science of Racing in the Rain webinar is all about practical, hands-on advice & tips with one purpose: to give you the skills & confidence to consistently drive faster & safer in the rain. If you register but can’t participate on September 11th, you’ll be able to download a recording of the entire session, and all of the resources provided. Go to SpeedSecrets.com/Rainmaster for information.


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