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Following a number of recent incidents involving safety vehicles, the Motorsport Safety Foundation launched a widespread survey on safety car deployment. 1,650+ people invested a bit of their time to let us know their thoughts on the issue. Of those, 450+ left anonymous comments, which we have since posted to the MSF Forum. The more input the motorsport industry gets from professionals and fans, the more likely change can occur.

"I think the survey, as part of a community, allows us to generate information in compelling ways. I see us doing this quite a bit more on a number of different topics. There are areas that come up all the time about motorsport safety and I think this will be a good way for us to help generate information back to the decision makers in the industry." - MSF COO Scot Elkins

The Motorsport Safety Foundation welcomes each and every MSF member's ideas on what types of surveys we should conduct in the future. What are some areas that need to be researched? What are the questions we should be asking? Please write your idea(s) for our next survey here.

If you would like to collaborate with us, please click Request to Collaborate to receive an invitation to join our Survey Ideas project on Basecamp.

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Pay tribute to the memory of someone special by making a memorial donation. The motorsport world is as thrilling as it is dangerous and sometimes even the best drivers, marshals and fans get taken from us too soon. Honor a loved one with your contribution and help fund our safety-related programs in their name. Click Here.