Introduction, Jack Joyner

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December 2, 2015
Introduction, Jack Joyner

I wanted to introduce myself and offer any help or guidance within our BMW CCA forum. I am Jack Joyner the National Driving Events Chairman for BMW CCA. I live in Birmingham, AL. and am the founder and current Chief Instructor for the Heart of Dixie BMW CCA chapter. I have been part of the motorsports community in Alabama since 1996, when I bought my 1988 BMW M3. I have been a club racer, autocrosser, organizer and instructor. I'm a Salesman by trade, but also professionally instruct with the Porsche Sport Driving School and Mercedes Benz Brand Immersion Program. I have owned 18 BMW's over the years and have built 3 racecars. My current track car is a 1998 BMW M3 sedan. I look foward to helping us build a safer sport, by supporting the Motorsport Safety Foundation and continuing to find ways to keep us safe. Feel free to reach out and ask me any questions related to BMW CCA, track event and general motorsport safety related issues.

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