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Greeting from your Ambassador... Lets Talk!



I would like to welcome you to the Boat Racing Forum. Together we can learn from each other, keep each other safe, save some lives, and maybe have some fun!

I have been involved with Boat Racing since 1995, starting with APBA Offshore. I am still doing hydroplane racing down here in FL, but also teach Boat Racing Incident Response Training approved by SFI Foundation.

I would like to hear from other rescue teams, how they are doing things. This also includes the EMTs or Paramedics on the boats. I also want to include the boat captains as you are also a major player in the rescue. I'll throw out a few things and see what each others opinions are.

Are you required to wear a helmet with your scuba gear ?

What about a wet suit or other abrasion protection, gloves?

What equipment are you required to carry with you into the water...prybar, NuMask? Whip?

Where is the rescue boat supposed to position itself while divers or swimmers are in the water.

Does your team have written guidelines on what to do for an over turned boat when there is no crew visible?

Do you wear 80CF AL tanks, 30's? Recreational scuba gear or specially designed gear for rescue

Do you have a dive computer, compass, and assorted other hoses on your rig (entanglements?)

Has anyone ever done CPR on a boat, or had severed limbs...were you prepared?


I find this a very interesting topic, and I hope you do too. There is so many ways of doing things. Maybe we can help each other out!


Thank you,





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