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Welcome to the Truck Racing Forum



I would like to welcome you to the truck racing forum. My name is Jeff Milges and I have been asked to be your Ambassador. There might be some over lap on the subject with the NASCAR group, but thats ok, we can all learn from each other.

I am an SFI Instructor for Drag Racing, MotorSports Rescue, and Boat Racing, writing two of these programs for certification. Outside of the normal track venues for truck racing, there is also off road, stadium, and others where the rescue teams must learn to be self sufficiant both in providing medical care under austure and remote conditions. I would like to hear from rescue teams on what type of equipment they carry on their trucks, including communication gear, and other special problems they have run into (including animals!)

While Jet Trucks doesn't have a forum, I have worked a number of events over the years with jet cars and trucks, and had some spectacular accidents! My Friends Chris and Elaine Larsen from the National Jet Racing Association have been great in teaching me about the world of jet racing so maybe I can pass on what I have learned.

These forums are for us to learn from each other, including our mistakes so that others can avoid them, and in the end, maybe save someones life. Thats whats this is all about.

Welcome to the Motorsport Safety Foundation and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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