Hooked On Driving Endorses & Participates in CERTIFIED Program

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Hooked On Driving Endorses & Participates in CERTIFIED Program

Industry Leader Hooked On Driving Announces Endorsement and Participation in Motorsport Safety Foundation Driving Instructor Certification Program

Hooked On Driving, America’s #1 Non-Competitive Performance Driving Program, announces a hearty endorsement of the Motorsport Safety Foundation Instructor Certification Initiative.

HOD Founder David Ray states, "Our sport is still in its infancy, with many enthusiasts not even familiar with the HPDE concept. We have a bright future if we manage our programs professionally, and staff events with individuals who share a common perspective for safety first, with a focus on a learning environment. When I first heard about the MSF’s efforts, I was skeptical. I’m not a big supporter of bureaucratic processes or expensive infrastructure. But as we saw the result of Scot Elkins and Ross Bentley’s heroic effort – with top instructor trainer Bentley volunteering his expertise, we were quickly made big fans. 

"I was proud when we took this initiative to our HOD Regional Owners’ group, and received a hearty, unanimous commitment. HOD is on board and 'all in.' We have offered input for the future, but the initial release of the first level certification is clearly an excellent, thought provoking, and challenging program for any right-seat Instructor. In the end, having Driving Instructors (at HOD we call them Driving Coaches), make the commitment to spend the time, take notes, think through their techniques and learn what is critical to know in their role is invaluable. 

"HOD intends to adapt and confirm our existing Coach Training Manual as a Level Two Certification, and we will provide strong encouragement to our Coaches to move forward and take the Level One Certification to start. While safety is always, in the end, up to the driver, there is no question that a well-run organization can enhance safety and reduce incidents.”

Hooked On Driving, commonly known as HOD, provides HPDE programs at 25 road courses across the U.S. With no competition or training for competition, HOD has set itself apart as a safe place to drive your car in a cooperative environment… which we’ve found is the most fun! HOD believes that safety is NO accident!

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For more information about the Motorsport Safety Foundation's CERTIFIED program, please visit

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