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BMW Car Club of America

Motorsport Safety Foundation Grants the BMW Car Club of America Level II Status in CERTIFIED Program

The BMW Car Club of America has become the most recent High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) organization to achieve Level II classification in the Motorsport Safety Foundation’s driving instructor training program, CERTIFIED. This is the third national organization to achieve this notable status. The BMW Club Chapters host 150 track days per year, and the National ITS program is supporting those chapters to provide them with the highest qualified instructors possible. From Watkins Glen to Laguna Seca and all points in between, the consistency of high-level driver instruction is provided.

“The instructors of the BMW Car Club of America are committed to providing the highest quality of instruction and giving our students the best and safest experience for their money,” stated Jack Joyner, National Driving Events Coordinator for the BMW Club. “In our over 40-year history of hosting HPDEs and our almost 20 years of providing national level training, our instructors have become ambassadors to the sport of High Performance Driving. With the Motorsport Safety Foundation Level II certification, we can further the cause of the MSF, grow its instructor base and maintain a high quality instructor cadre.”

The Club will continue to certify new driving instructors according to the Motorsport Safety Foundation’s national standards for instructor training. “Having MSF certification documents our high quality of instructor training that many have known for years,” added Bill Wade, National Instructor Training Coordinator.

The BMW Car Club of America joins other respected CERTIFIED HPDE organizers, including Chin Track Days and Hooked on Driving, that have pledged to stay at the forefront of motorsport safety. Each of these organizations is committed to ensuring their students experience maximum enjoyment within the safest guidelines, and the Motorsport Safety Foundation is proud to partner with them.

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For more information about the Motorsport Safety Foundation’s CERTIFIED program, please visit

Founded in 1969, BMW CCA has grown to become the world’s largest owner supported single-marque car club. Today, BMW CCA has 67 chapters nationwide, with more than 70,000 dues paying members mutually enhancing one another’s BMW ownership experience. As BMW’s most active enthusiast organization, the club represents a lifestyle of passion and performance as powerful as the cars its members drive. The car club’s official mission is to enhance the BMW experience for its members by providing services, support, information, and activities that promote camaraderie and encourage social awareness and responsibility. At the heart of its values is the promotion of motoring citizenship, lifelong driving skills and social responsibility.

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