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Hooked on Driving

The Motorsport Safety Foundation Presents Hooked on Driving with Level II Status in CERTIFIED Program

Hooked on Driving, the nation’s leading non-competitive performance driving program, has been granted Level II status in the Motorsport Safety Foundation’s HPDE instructor certification initiative, CERTIFIED. An early advocate of the program, Hooked on Driving had announced its participation and endorsement of CERTIFIED back in June.

“While there are a number of HPDE groups with excellent instructor training programs, and we consider ours in that category, I believe that every program can be improved,” said Hooked on Driving Founder David Ray. “There was not a radical change when we adapted our program to meet the MSF Level II requirements, but some slightly different content, and one key item that was not in our program has been added.”

The Northeast Region will be offering the program’s first Level II training to all qualified individuals on October 13, 2017. Led by Ross Bentley, this training session will be part of an HOD three-day weekend at Watkins Glen International, and is open to any Level I CERTIFIED instructor interested in attaining a higher certification level.

CERTIFIED was established to improve the standards and operations of HPDE schools, instructor training programs and instructors in order to provide a safer and better quality experience for all involved. Hooked on Driving joins Chin Track Days as the second nationwide HPDE organizer to achieve Level 2 status in the program.

Hooked On Driving, commonly known as HOD, provides HPDE programs at 25 road courses across the United States. With no competition or training for competition, HOD is considered a safe place to drive one’s car in a cooperative environment. The HPDE organizer puts a strong emphasis on safety, coaching, learning and fun. Participants are thus able to get a sense of their car’s capabilities, as well as their own driver skills, at a more advanced level on a track than would be safe or practical on public streets and highways.

“The bottom line here,” Ray concluded, “is that we are now speaking with one voice; that our priority at our HPDEs is safety, and that quality instructing/coaching is a key element to preserving and growing our sport.”

The Motorsport Safety Foundation concurs with Hooked on Driving’s maxim that “safety is no accident,” and looks forward to working together as the CERTIFIED initiative progresses.

Learn more about Hooked on Driving at For information about HOD’s upcoming Level II Training Session at Watkins Glen, please click here.

For more information about the Motorsport Safety Foundation’s CERTIFIED program, please visit

Hooked On Driving (HOD) is a community of individuals who share a passion for driving their cars. Founded in 2004, the HPDE organizer has the goal of being the first true, trusted national brand of performance driving programs. HOD currently operates in 6 key regions of the U.S., including Northern California/Reno, Northeast U.S., Florida, Great Lakes, Southern States, and the Pacific Northwest. HOD is primarily focused on providing high performance driver training for those with capable cars, in the controlled environment of a race course – with no competition or training for competition. HOD believes that safety is no accident!

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