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Porsche Club of America: Rally Sport Region

  • RSP Region PCA Club holds successful first workshop for new MSF HPDE certification program at Grattan Raceway in Michigan
  • 20 instructors and instructors-in-training participated
  • Program was designed to meet MSF Level 2 Certification
  • RSP Region PCA Club to make MSF Certification mandatory for all club instructors from 2018

The new High-Performance Driver Education (HPDE) Certification program from the Motorsport Safety Foundation (MSF) was successfully introduced at its first event in June. MSF partnered with the Rally Sport Region (RSP) of Porsche Club of America (PCA) at Grattan Raceway in Michigan, where twenty instructors and instructors-in-training participated in the workshop with the aim of meeting MSF Level 2 Certification. 

Ross Bentley, who contributed to the creation of the MSF Certification program, was on hand to oversee and help conduct the inaugural program. 

“Within days of the announcement of MSF’s CERTIFIED program, (RSP PCA Chief Instructor) Christian Maloof contacted me and asked whether their planned instructor training program in June could be approved to meet the Level 2 standards,” said Bentley. “So he and I worked together to ensure that all of the criteria was met.”

“The Rally Sport Region PCA chapter was formed with a particular focus on High Performance Driver's Education events,” said Maloof. “Over the last decade, we have set increasingly high standards for our instructors, both existing and new. We were thrilled to discover the MSF instructor certification program, which can help clarify standards in the instructor vetting and approval process.”

After initially completing the online Level 1 Certification, instructors attending the one-day program worked on all aspects of Level 2, including HPDE classroom instruction, on-track role-playing scenarios, and more advanced instruction techniques. 

The MSF curriculum also focused on interpersonal communications between the instructor and student – an area that is often overlooked when HPDE instructors are first invited to work with students. 

Throughout the seminar, the instructors constantly engaged in dialogue with the MSF team, and instructors of all levels reported this was the most useful part of the training program. Both instructors-in-training and novice instructors also benefitted greatly from experienced instructor ride-along exercises, helping them fine-tune their interactions with students. 

“The experienced instructors enjoyed getting a tune-up while learning some new techniques to help drivers attending HPDE events,” said Bentley. “For the new instructor candidates, it was an opportunity to learn from their experienced peers, and establish a solid foundation of knowledge. In the end, all the instructors raved about what they had learned.” 

Instructors reported they were able to implement the MSF seminar techniques with their students throughout the HPDE weekend that followed. As a result, RSP PCA has decided to make the MSF certification mandatory for all RSP instructors, beginning in 2018. 

“Congratulations to the RSP Region PCA for being the first car club to commit to our certification program,” said Scot Elkins, Chief Operating Officer of the Motorsport Safety Foundation. “The commitment to providing a safe, educational event for HPDE drivers is important, and the open-minded, always-learning attitude must come from the top. Thanks to Christian Maloof for setting that bar high.”

The Porsche Club of America (PCA) Rally Sport Region was formed in 1996 with the objective of encouraging all members to participate in the planning and enjoyment of its events, whether social events like the Color Tour or driving events at its local tracks. The club started with less than 30 primary members and has grown to about 220. Although it is located in the southeastern Michigan region, it has had members from around the U.S., and even internationally from Canada to Germany. Since its first year, Rally Sport has been holding driving education and social events throughout the driving season. The club has also had various charity events, from autocrosses to Ferdinand Porsche birthday parties. Rally Sport has on average one social event each month, and five or six track events per year. For more information about the Porsche Club of America Rally Sport Region, please visit

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