HPDE - Proposed Right-Seat Instructor/Passenger Check-list/Tech-List Addendum:

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HPDE - Proposed Right-Seat Instructor/Passenger Check-list/Tech-List Addendum:

With so many great minds in one place, I would like to  brain-storm a much needed Right-seat Instructor/Passenger Check-list/Tech-list Addendum:

Disclaimer: As we all know at the end of the day the bottom line is, the Instructor is the last line of defense to maintain safety as necessary. Even in an industry so well regulated as aviation, ask any commercial Pilot In Command of his experience enforcing safety when an agenda is on the line. That's why I want a tangible list that has as little room as possible to be disputed to ensure the Instructor is fully supported to enforce their and other's safety needs.


TECH-LIST (Addendum)

Safety Equipment

- "passenger seat" equipment greater to or equal, in safety protection, to that of the driver? (includes use of Hans devises)


- tires: pressure as recommended by manufacturer?

- modifications: adhere to club standards?

- cage: doors have been gutted? If yes, is cage present, do cage bars extened into door?




- class: student attended?  If No: Did student have prior permission?  If no: may result in: [next session canceled - instructor may use session for class time]

- walk-around: check

- tires: appropriate for current track conditions? (race slicks not recommended)

- fuel level: check level

- communicator: working - "in use" - battery charged

- Pre-brief


- Instruction: student fails to comply 3x's to an Instructor's "Safety Command" may result in: [session over] (3 incidents in same day [day over])

- brakes: (pre-solo) brake-fading: [pit-in/cool-down/visually inspect]

-  car control: four-offs, spins, tank slappers or loss of car control, may result in: [instruction session over/no passenger] (3 incidents in same day [day over/no passenger])


- debrief

- walk-around: check



NOTE: Please post your constructive comments, ideas, concerns, likes/dislikes, etc....

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