IndyCar Pit Lane Incidents

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IndyCar Pit Lane Incidents

It has happened again in IndyCar, a pit lane crewman has been struck, while awaiting for his car to enter their pit box, this past weekend at Texas.
Fortunately, thanks to the mandated safety equipment, the crewman suffered a minor injury, to his hand.

We've seen in IndyCar, the struggles some drivers have trying to get their cars, slowed down, in time, before crossing the pit in timing line, with incidents happening, even happening at Indy, this year, also.

I understand every second counts, when a car leaves the track for service, so in order to save track position, time is made up in the pit lane access roads. Granted there's a set, pit lane speed limit, and drivers have the use of an electronic limiter, however, incidents still are occurring.

So, where do we go from here? Slower pit lane speeds, are an easy fix, however, there was mentioned, during the broadcast, of not allowing any crewman over the wall, until the car comes to a complete stop, in their specified pit box.

I'm interested in everyone's thoughts and opinions to this dilemma, for what IndyCar could implement, to make it safer, for those over the wall.

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