New Airbag System Launched for Crowdfunding

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April 12, 2016
New Airbag System Launched for Crowdfunding

A new crowdfunding project aims to improve car safety by creating an airbag system that allows safer airbag deployment for drivers and car occupants.

Link to campaign:

The IndieGoGo project, called SAAS: World’s Best Airbag System with 15 Stages features an invention by T&T Technology (aka Tess Fries and Jeroen Tel) which improve present day airbags with 12 more deployment stages.
This is important because the chance of safely being protected by the airbag, without the risk of airbag-attributed injury, is increased 5 times.

SAAS Key Features:

  • Safer airbag deployment - 15 deployment stages allow for a 5 times increased precision in matching the airbag force to the impact.
  • Low-speed impact protection - SAAS can safely deploy at low-speed impacts where current airbags don’t deploy at all.
  • Collision Prediction - SAAS can predict the moment of impact and prepare deployment with the estimated force.
  • Minimized risk for airbag-attributed injuries - 15 stages bring 15 options of force to fit the impact, which reduces the risk of airbag-attributed injury.

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