we lost another instuctor and student

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we lost another instuctor and student

We lost another instructor and student in a horrific crash. Gentleman RIP.


I am sending this out knowing only what is on the link above and similar media reports.  But the reality is we don't really need to know much more do we?  High speed training at a professional event designed to allow novice to explore the edge of the automobile race track experience.  Take the word " professional " out of the sentence  and it could be any club HPDE or track day experience in the country.   Put the words " club race" in the sentence and the likelihood of this kind of incident would be highly unlikely .   As a F&C worker I experienced a few of these.... at the runoffs we had 10plus GT1 cars drivers' left in the trees between T6 and T7.  They gathered all the fire bottles from the corners to put the fire out.  The smoke....very similar to the attached photo, as I recall.  I was working the outside of T1. It was scary.  A dentist broke some bones in his hand, I believe that was the worst .... no deaths.  GT1 speeds (trans am cars) early 80's safety equipment: cages, seats, harnesses, fire systems & suits.  

Citrus Region had a Cayman rupture a fuel tank at RR in  Feb 2015.... total loss... student and instructor shaken up.   With the speeds the latest HPDE cars can achieve ....running stock fuel tanks & without  cages protection....this kind of  deadly incident becomes more likely.  Good to be lucky if you don't have the proper safety equipment.

Those of you in PCA know BRR PCA has asked repeatedly for an open meeting allowing input from members to address open speeds of stock cars, cars with passengers and sharing incident reports with the instructors/students.   Be it scaring the other children or legal liability National will not do it.  This just needs to be better understood by all.  

The Petty Driving Experience in Orlando was investigated by OSHA after the death of an instructor  a couple of years ago....  OSHA has been called in to investigating  these deaths.  Expect some change for in car instructing .... OSHA is less guided by "acceptable losses" or " financial settlements" than club chairs or CEOs of the for profit  event providers.  I am sure a few track owners will have a higher level of concern, starting today.  Insurance underwriters heads are up too.

  While I have your attention maybe OSHA will examine a practice executed at many tracks today... one track employee flagger  per station with their back to traffic performing yellow flag duties.  Who's got their back....more luck.   Bad motorsport day for many.

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