Drivers bear some responsibility for driver safety

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Drivers bear some responsibility for driver safety

It doesn’t matter how you construct a car, the driver community can do wonders for keeping itself safe. Witness a 911 at the spring Majors race at Road Atlanta make an incredibly bone headed decision. This decision caused the following:

1) His 911 probably totaled
2) 350Z barrel rolled then gets tboned
3) two SM’s totaled one of which was new to the driver as of the Thursday test day
4) Various other messes

What it made worse for us workers (I worked turn 10 that event) was a) top of the hill b) 350 ended up just at the crest c) one SM was drivers left about 150 feet past the hill, the other was drivers right both in very difficult position to see from all angles as they were against the wall.

Here is the video from the former 350, witness the brake lights on making this a conscious decisions with severe repercussions in a 60 car field

Here is a video from Todd Lamb showing the start of the mess and just how bad of a decision it was:


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