Grass Infield on High Speed Ovals

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Grass Infield on High Speed Ovals

I noticed in the wake of the death of Greg Moore in CART back in 1999, major super speedways paved the infield area aprons at the exits of turns 2 & 4.
After watching the Kyle Busch incident at Daytona, I noticed he had no abilty to control or stop his car on the damp grass lined infield.

Whether it be a NASCAR stock car, IndyCar, or Sports Car, racing slicks on damp grass isn't a safe combination.
Has anyone addressed this perspective?

Also, I noticed Daytona seems to be the only facility (please correct me if I'm wrong) with no "protective" wall on the outside edge of pit lane that could prevent a car from skidding through infield onto pit lane.

Any thoughts?


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