If you make it better, you are doing a good job!

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May 5, 2014
If you make it better, you are doing a good job!

While leading a training session at a professional track this past weekend, we discussed how EVERYTHING we do at a televised race will be video taped by someone, and eventually it will likely appear on some social media outlet. As we have often seen, these postings result in a lot of “arm chair quarterback” comments from people who were not involved. I think it is worth commenting that when someone is not actually there, they have no idea what they would have done. Perhaps there would have been better options, but when you are thinking of solutions (often while the incident is still unfolding), you need to come up with something that will work and just go with it… as long as you are making things better than they were, you are making progress and accomplishing your task. Maybe next time, you will do things differently, but don’t beat yourself up when someone who was not in your shoes thinks they could have done it better. Have confidence in yourself and carry out the plan you started… doing something is better than doing nothing, and what is worse than having no plan is having TWO plans that you try at the same time… just be prepared to changed plans if the first plan fails to make things better.

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