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The Motorsport Safety Foundation believes that any step, no matter how small, can make an impact. Our team is constantly brainstorming ideas to keep those in the motorsport industry out of harm’s way. Each project we develop has only one goal in mind: to make racing as safe as possible. Please take a look at our initiatives below to see what we are currently working on. If anything we are doing sparks your interest, we welcome you to collaborate with us on a project.

The Adopt-a-Corner program provides an individual or business the opportunity to donate a safety barrier upgrade in exchange for a long-term branding contract at the track.

The Race with Restraint program aims to make motorsport safety equipment easily accessible to drivers at all levels by offering low-cost online rentals of Frontal Head Restraints and Helmets.

In collaboration with leaders in the High Performance Driver Education community, the Motorsport Safety Foundation has created standards for the selection, training and certification of high performance driving instructors.

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Pay tribute to the memory of someone special by making a memorial donation. The motorsport world is as thrilling as it is dangerous and sometimes even the best drivers, marshals and fans get taken from us too soon. Honor a loved one with your contribution and help fund our safety-related programs in their name. Click Here.