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Safety upgrades continue to get more expensive as the standards keep improving. The Motorsport Safety Foundation is committed to helping race tracks cope with the changing economics of the sport by finding donors to help offset these high costs.

The Adopt-a-Corner program provides an individual or business the opportunity to donate a safety barrier upgrade in exchange for a long-term branding contract at the track. All barrier upgrades are to FIA code and will provide an increase in crash protection compared to the current barriers. The race tracks don’t profit from the transaction, but in exchange get a state-of-the-art safety barrier. This creates a win-win partnership for everyone involved.


Global protection systems company Geobrugg has donated 40 meters of debris fencing to Adopt-a-Corner. Headquartered in Switzerland, Geobrugg develops and manufactures protection systems made of high-tensile steel wire, supplying a variety of motorsport barriers for city races, permanent race circuits and test tracks around the world.

Its debris fence delivers maximum protection against high-energy impacts and has been produced according to FIA specifications. Designed for diverse circuit layouts, shortcuts and city race circuits, the panels offer a fully bolted solution for both temporary and permanent track safeguarding. Furthermore, the unobtrusive net structure ensures that spectators get the best possible view without compromising safety. 

The Motorsport Safety Foundation plans to offer these debris fence panels to interested race tracks based in the United States. To be considered as an Adopt-a-Corner recipient of the Geobrugg fencing, please click here and complete the questionnaire.

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Pay tribute to the memory of someone special by making a memorial donation. The motorsport world is as thrilling as it is dangerous and sometimes even the best drivers, marshals and fans get taken from us too soon. Honor a loved one with your contribution and help fund our safety-related programs in their name. Click Here.