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Race with Restraint is a program dedicated to making Frontal Head Restraints (FHR) easily accessible to anyone who goes on a race track. The Motorsport Safety Foundation offers drivers at all levels the chance to rent a HANS Device or Simpson Hybrid for a low fee.

One of the most important discoveries in racing safety is understanding that death can result from the mere movement of the unrestrained head during an accident. Frontal Head Restraints reduce the likelihood of fatal injuries in the event of a crash by limiting the forward movement of the head during a collision. The device rests on the shoulder and attaches to a helmet using fabric tethers that clip to permanent anchors in the helmet. Although most sanctioning bodies have adopted the mandatory use of Frontal Head Restraints during competitive racing, many tracks independently allow drivers to race without a restraint. Today, the majority of drivers won’t step inside a racecar without a Frontal Head Restraint device.

Never race without a restraint! Even small accidents can become fatal without it.

Rent your next HANS Device, Simpson Hybrid or Bell Racing Carbon Fiber Helmet below!

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For product information, please use the following links: HANS Device, Simpson Hybrid, Bell Racing HelmetPost Anchors. Our Simpson "FIA Hybrid" is the only model that has been approved to use with a 3-point harness!


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Pay tribute to the memory of someone special by making a memorial donation. The motorsport world is as thrilling as it is dangerous and sometimes even the best drivers, marshals and fans get taken from us too soon. Honor a loved one with your contribution and help fund our safety-related programs in their name. Click Here.