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Lara Carlson's Research Promoted by Motorsport Safety Foundation

March 15, 2016

An article about Lara Carlson, Ph.D. FACSM, CSCS, first published in the Bangor Daily News was picked up by the Motorsport Safety Foundation. The article, titled, “Science proves it: Race car drivers are athletes” detailed her research into how motorsports driver’s bodies respond to the stress of competitive racecar driving 

Carlson, an associate professor in the Westbrook College of Health Professions and the Center for Excellence in the Neurosciences, said, “I think most people, when they hear what [racecar drivers] do, they think, ‘Really, all they do is turn left?’ A lot of my talks are titled ‘More than just turning left. They’re wrestling that car around the track, and you can’t for an instant lose your focus. There are 40-plus cars on the track at very high speeds, and things happen very quickly.”

Read the article.

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