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Track Source Radio: Scot Elkins, Dave Klaus, Tim Frost & Dennis Michelsen

July 15, 2016

Go inside the business of racing every week with interviews from industry insiders from all over motorsports. Our show is the weekly extension of the Race Track Business Conference (RTBC) hosted every December at the Performance Racing Industry Trade show by the National Speedway Directory.

Tim Frost from the National Speedway Directory brings us the latest headlines from around the world of motor sports including stories about NASCAR, Formula One, NHRA and more.

Racing is an inherently dangerous sport but the folks at Motorsport Safety Foundation are doing a great job making the sport safer. Scot Elkins joins us to talk about their latest initiatives.

Auto racing has been in the DNA for Briggs & Stratton since they started their business. Dave Klaus from Briggs & Stratton racing joins us to discuss their products including the 206 engine that is popular in grassroots kart racing.

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