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HPDE Hand Signals

Michael Silver demonstrates the various hand signals instructors use in High Performance Driver Education.

Michael Silver demonstrates the various hand signals instructors use in High Performance Driver Education.

Motorsport Safety Foundation Chief Operating Officer Scot Elkins discusses the Hybrid Head Restraint with its creator, Simpson Race Products' Trevor Ashline in this webinar hosted by MotorsportReg.

Track Safety

F1 is back in Europe at the Spanish Grand Prix. The 4.7km are a good mix of quick corners and tight turns, which are pretty demanding.

Allianz: The HANS device (Head and Neck Support) of an F1 car is the alternative to a passenger car's airbag. Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team Driver Nico Rosberg tells you more about the safety device which protects head and neck in an accident.

Dr. Steve Olvey, Founding Fellow of the FIA Institute for Motorsport Safety, shows some ways to avoid injuries in a crash.

Through the Most Difficult Turn in Racing: Turn 17 at Sebring - MOMO

/DRIVE: Driver of the #30 MOMO NGT 991 Porsche GT3 Cup, Henrique Cisneros explains the proper way to drive the most difficult turn in racing, Turn 17 at Sebring International Raceway.

Safety pioneers Dr. Steve Olvey and Dr. Terry Trammell explain how crucial it is to buy both a top-quality helmet and a head and neck restraint.

Racecar driver Amy Castell explains the science and technology of racing helmets.

In memory of our friend, Sean Edwards.

Extreme Speed Motorsports' Guy Cosmo explains the safety features of an ALMS race car.

Produced by the FIA Institute for Motor Sport Safety with the help of the Motorsport Safety Fund, this DVD is intended to help encourage more medical personnel to assist at events.

The FIA Institute examines jet fighter canopies for Formula 1.

FIA: Spectating at rallies requires you to take care on stages. WRC stars explain why it is so important.

Session 1 of the 2015 Race Track Business Conference featuring MSF COO Scot Elkins, Smith Fence President Ray Smith and Dromo Circuit Design Director Jamo Zaffelli discussing Track Safety.

Former elite athlete Dr. Lara Carlson fuses her passion for stock car racing and her expertise as a scientist to pursue groundbreaking research into the physiological strains drivers face during competition.

Mobil 1 The Grid meets NASCAR Gene Stefanyshyn to discuss the science behind making the sport as safe as possible.

A comparison of how important a HANS Device is - even in slow-speed crashes. The co-driver uses a HANS Device, while the driver does not.

IMMI crash tests a sprint car into the barrier wall at its Center for Advanced Product Evaluation (CAPE) to see how safe a driver might be in an accident that takes place on the track during an actual race.

From the early days of the soft shell helmets to today’s hard shell designs, the racing helmet has evolved to keep pace throughout history. | Donut Media

The Velocity RPB closed cockpit racing car concept by Chris Beatty. This video explains the main ideas around the canopy, and gives an overview of the car itself. For more information visit or

Mobil 1 The Grid spoke to Corvette Racing’s Oliver Gavin & Tommy Milner to walk through the protective technologies in place to keep drivers safe.

Nick Heidfeld discusses how Formula E cars are designed to protect a driver involved in a crash, and what the driver should do to protect themselves during and after the incident.

Donut Media: Would you rather drive ...or fly? We were promised flying cars. Who said it never happened?

Pointers on how to adjust the tethers on a Frontal Head Restraint, how the system works, and why it is a crucial safety feature in any type of racecar.

Fans rebel against the use of new Halo device in F1 despite safety being the driving force behind it. Credit: Blasting News

Emergency Times: What the Motorsport Rescue Service does and how its team is trained to deal with collisions and casualties on and off the track.

HANS and CAPE provide a side-by-side comparison of HANS Device versus no HANS Device.

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