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Billy Monger: "Motorsport is the Safest it Has Ever Been"

By Matt Gretton August 6, 2018

Billy Monger lost both of his lower legs in a serious crash last year. It hasn't prevented him from continuing his fight to get into professional racing. You'd think he'd have been knocked back by the dangerous of motorsport, but he says it is much safer now than it ever has been.

The 19-year-old Brit has been racing cars which are specially adapted to fit his needs. He even got a drive up the hill at Goodwood! In an interview with France racing, he talks about how safety has improved over the last 30 years.

"We have better security measures than in the eighties or nineties. Then it was so much worse. Racing is as safe as it can be now. Of course, you can not predict anything in advance, but behind the scenes, we are working hard on safety," Monger said.

He then looks at the positive side of his crash. Changes have been made to ensure the accident doesn't happen again.

"After my accident in the F4, all cars have been further adapted so that nobody has to experience what happened to me then."

Monger is forming part of a disability team which hope to race in the 2020 version of Le Mans 24.

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