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Gravel Traps Not a Solution to Track Limits - Alonso

By Phillip van Osten November 2, 2017

Fernando Alonso says the conundrum linked to track limits is a complicated issue, insisting a return of gravel traps would not solve the problem.

Abuse of a track's boundaries is once again a hot topic following several recent controversial incidents, with Max Verstappen's US Grand Prix overtake move, for which the Red Bull driver was penalised, spurring the debate.

"Let's put grass or gravel so that you cannot cut over the kerbs," said the Dutch driver.

"For example in Suzuka I don't think we have these issues, do we? I think the solution is very simple," he added.

Many drivers echoed Verstappen's comments, but FIA race director Charlie Whiting insisted that adding grass or gravel traps would not be without its problems.

"I think races like the Porsche Cup or Formula 2 would put rubbish all over the track," said Fernando Alonso.

"It would be incredibly difficult for us to have a clean track for when we run.

"I think we also have to consider that Formula 1 is not the only series that runs on these permanent tracks - there is also MotoGP, and they need completely different safety features.

"I think it's incredibly difficult to reconcile everything," Alonso added.

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