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Audi Club's Glacier Lakes Chapter Becomes CERTIFIED by the Motorsport Safety Foundation

May 14, 2019

The Glacier Lakes Chapter of Audi Club North America has achieved Level 2 certification in the Motorsport Safety Foundation’s High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) instructor training initiative, CERTIFIED. Audi Club North America is the largest Audi club in the world, and its Glacier Lakes Chapter serves nearly 300 members in Minnesota and North Dakota.

"We are grateful to our instructors for their dedication to teaching our HPDE students, and are excited to be able to offer them this certification,” said Chief Instructor Peter Puffer. “For our members, we are pleased to have external validation of our Club’s commitment to safe, quality instruction for our HPDE enthusiasts."

The CERTIFIED program was established to improve the standards and operations of HPDE schools, instructor training programs and instructors in order to provide a safer and better quality experience for all involved. The nonprofit believes in the importance of all instructors working from the same baseline, and continuing their training at an Instructor Training School (ITS) that offers a curriculum that covers, at a minimum, the standards outlined by the Motorsport Safety Foundation.

ACGL provides opportunities for members to share their knowledge with each other at educational driving events, seasonal fun drives and social gatherings. The organization’s dedicated team of instructors works with students in Teen Car Control Clinics, Ice Driving Events and at HPDE events to build confidence and driving skills. Glacier Lakes joins Golden Gate, Northwest, and Southern California as the fourth Audi Club North America group to be CERTIFIED by the Motorsport Safety Foundation.

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Founded in 1984, the Glacier Lakes Chapter was the home of Frank Beddor and is the charter member of the Audi Club of North America. Today, the chapter is comprised of more than 280 members in Minnesota and North Dakota. The High Performance Driver’s Education events are held at Brainerd International Raceway (BIR) and our popular Teen Car Control Clinics take place at Dakota County Technical College (DCTC). Winter finds us practicing our ice driving skills on Cynthia Lake south of the twin cities. In addition to on-track experiences, the chapter offers its members scenic driving tours in the region, technical learning opportunities, picnics, and other social gatherings designed to engage spouses and families in all things Audi. Learn more at

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The Motorsport Safety Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving safety standards in motorsport. It is a community where the motorsport industry can come together and have a single voice, a place to share safety concerns and collaborate on research. The charity, founded in honor of late professional racecar driver Sean Edwards, continuously works to amend those issues that can prevent another driver, crew member, marshal or even fan from serious injury or death. Visit for more information.

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