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Motorsport Safety Foundation Partners with Race Suit Rental to Form Race with Restraint Program

By Ben Wedge March 3, 2016

Race Suit Rental has partnered with the Motorsport Safety Foundation as an online rental partner. Recently MSF started its Race with Restraint program, a program that takes helmets and head/neck restraint systems to grassroots motorsports events so that drivers can more easily race safely.

Race Suit Rental specializes in renting out safety gear (suits, helmets, gloves, shoes, etc) to racers around the country. Gear is ordered online and shipped out to a variety of series and events. The Motorsport Safety Foundation is tapping into the online platform already established by Race Suit Rental to start the Race with Restraint program. David Schaal, owner of Race Suit Rental, said “We are very excited about this opportunity. We will be renting helmets, Hans and Hybrid devices and working to add a complete MSF package.”

A similar tone from Scot Elkins of the Motorsport Safety Foundation when asked about the new partnership. Elkins said: “We are very excited and proud to be partnering with David and the group at RSR. They see a need for increased availability of frontal head restraints and by entering into this partnership it is a great opportunity for MSF.”

The Race with Restraint program currently places kiosks at tracks during events. With such a large number of events running nationwide it can be difficult to get inventory to each of those events. And with most entry level series (World Racing League and ChumpCar to name a few) requiring proper head and neck restraints in 2016 (previously foam collars were allowed) the number of races potentially not racing with the required equipment is extremely high. The online store, via Race Suite Rental, will provide Motorsport Safety Foundation and it’s Race with Restraint program an massive reach. Elkins added that “we get our devices in the hands of drivers that need them and they help us by distributing our products to a wider audience and encouraging drivers to contribute to the Foundation, which means we get revenue to buy more FHR’s and serve more drivers. It is the ultimate win-win!”

About Race with Restraint
Race with Restraint is a program dedicated to making Frontal Head Restraints (FHR) easily accessible to anyone who goes on a race track. The Motorsport Safety Foundation will provide tracks across the country with Frontal Head Restraint rentals, offering drivers at all levels the chance to use an FHR device for a low daily fee.

About Race Suit Rental
A St. Paul based retailer that specializes in motorsports gear. Carrying a full line of Bell, OMP, Sparco, Pyrotech and Coolshirt gear, RSR is your one stop shop for getting everything you need to strap into a racecar. They also offer weekend rental packages that makes things affordable at all budgets. (

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