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June 17, 2015

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October 12, 2013

It's taken a few days for the depression and anger to subside.Dario Franchitti's ridiculous, unnecessary trip into and partially through the barriers last weekend during the second race of IndyCar's Grand Prix of Houston continues to be a topic of conversation. 13 people were injured—14 if you include Franchitti, who broke his ankle, fractured two vertebrae, and suffered a serious concussion. Of those who were hit by flying debris and fencing, 11 were treated and released on-site. Two spent time in the hospital and have also been released. The crash even spilled into the tabloids...

October 1, 2012

They couldn’t be more different, these two tracks that are bringing Formula 1 racing back to the United States. The 3.4-mile Circuit of the Americas, under construction outside Austin, Texas, is carved into rolling hills previously occupied by scrubby mesquite trees and big rattlesnakes. It is set to host its inaugural Grand Prix in November. If all goes according to plan, next year’s Formula 1 schedule could add a second U.S. stop. The Port Imperial Street Circuit winds along existing commercial and residential streets in New Jersey, including the Port Imperial ferry terminal and West New...

July 21, 2001

The ideal crash barrier is no barrier at all. However, the only applications of this in motor sport that I can think of are at Bonneville and the Black Rock desert, used for Land Speed Record attempts. At these sites there are several miles in every direction between the track and the mountains and, even through a telephoto lens the vehicles seem a very long way away from the spectators and viewers. Barriers are necessary on race circuits to enable spectators and TV cameras to get close enough to the action, without being exposed to the danger of being hit by an out of control car. Fig.1...

February 23, 2001

Introduction to How NASCAR Safety Works A National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) car is an amazing machine that pushes the physical limitations of automotive engineering. Crafting one of these cars is a meticulous task that takes dozens of designers, engineers and mechanics who put in hundreds of hours to perfect the car before it ever rolls onto a race track. On the track, the driver shows off his professional skills by directing this 3,400-pound (1,542-kg) machine around an oval track at speeds that would terrify most people. For many, sitting at the...

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