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Clubs Receive Safety Funding

April 12, 2010

Funding through the Motor Sport Safety Development Fund has been approved for 64 motor sport safety and sustainability related projects from national sporting authorities (ASNs) around the world. Over €5 million in grants will be distributed to help fund these projects in 2010.

National sporting authorities submitted funding applications under each of the three safety programme categories relating to young drivers, officials and facilities. Funding applications were required to meet a range of criteria and in particular needed to demonstrate an alignment to the FIA Institute’s recently published best practice frameworks. The FIA Institute received 102 applications from 54 different countries, representing a 65 per cent increase over last year.

For the approved projects, the scope of activities ranges from training of officials in emerging markets in Africa and Asia to educating young drivers on safety matters in Europe and determining the economic and environmental sustainability of new motor sport facilities in South America. Projects cover all continents, with a large number of first-time recipients including Ireland, Finland, Spain, Poland, Russia, Brazil, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Syria, Tanzania, Namibia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

“The FIA Institute is very pleased to take a leading role with the development of programmes that are starting to have a significant impact on the world of motor sport,” said FIA Institute President Sid Watkins. “We expect these programmes will have a lasting impact and will help to positively shape the landscape of motor sport safety and sustainability around the globe.”

The Fund also agreed to a number of important policy changes aimed at supporting ASNs in the developing world. “For countries classified as having middle or low income per capita, funding relief will be provided by way of a reduction in the percentage of ASN contribution required for a given project,” said Quentin Crombie, FIA Institute Head of Educational and Excellence Programmes.

The Fund also agreed to limit the number of applications from a single ASN in any given year to a maximum of three. In conjunction with this policy change, it was agreed to impose a financial cap. In addition, the FIA Institute will be offering a range of new services in 2010 to help ASNs with their funding applications. This will include an enhanced online system for managing applications, as well as training and coaching, particularly for those ASNs that had applications rejected in 2009.

Further information regarding these policy changes and enhanced services will become available in the coming months. Funding applications for 2010 will open at the end of August.

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