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The Motorsport Safety Foundation is committed to generating safety awareness for all motorsport participants with the ultimate goal of reducing racing accidents. The Foundation strives to educate participants on the causes of injury in racing and explain new equipment and best practices so that people understand and adopt them willingly. Browse our collection of research and education articles to discover up-to-date findings and innovations in the sport.

February 23, 2001

Introduction to How NASCAR Safety Works A National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) car is an amazing machine that pushes the physical limitations of automotive engineering. Crafting one of these cars is a meticulous task that takes dozens of designers, engineers and mechanics who put in hundreds of hours to perfect the car before it ever rolls onto a race track. On the track, the driver shows off his professional skills by directing this 3,400-pound (1,542-kg) machine around an oval track at speeds that would terrify most people. For many, sitting at the...


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