APEX V2R BECOMES CERTIFIED by the Motorsport Safety Foundation

Motorsport Safety Foundation Grants Level II Certification to the APEX V2R HPDE Instructor Training Program

APEX V2R has achieved Level II certification in the Motorsport Safety Foundation’s High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) instructor training initiative. APEX V2R operates out of the Canada Market in both Shannonville Motorsports park and Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.

APEX V2R is unique as it is a training facility with both simulator and on-track experiences. For more information contact Marc-Andre Seguin; marc@apexv2r.com

This CERTIFIED program was established to improve the standards and operations of instructor training programs and instructors to deliver a safer, higher quality experience for all parties involved. The nonprofit believes in the importance of all instructors working from the same baseline and continuing their training at an Instructor Training School (ITS) that offers a curriculum that covers, at a minimum, the standards outlined by the Motorsport Safety Foundation.

The Motorsport Safety Foundation is pleased to welcome APEX V2R to the CERTIFIED program.

For more information about APEX V2R: https://www.apexv2r.com/

Uniting the motorsport community under the single purpose of improving safety and training.

Motorsport Safety Foundation is an education-focused, non-profit organization whose primary focus is standardizing education and safety guidelines for the non-racing driving community. It is an organization where the High-Performance Driver Education (HPDE) community can come together and have a single voice, a place to share experiences and concerns, and a place to collaborate on improving the sport.

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