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Professional Racecar Driver Sean Edwards was a friend and teammate of MSF Founder, Henrique Cisneros. Sean was tragically killed in an incident where he was instructing another Driver. Henrique founded MSF in honor of Sean with the goal of increasing awareness of safety issues so that further loss of life could be prevented. 


Henrique Cisneros


Henrique Cisneros is a semi-professional racecar driver who has competed in several U.S. motor racing championships such as the American Le Mans Series (ALMS), Grand-Am Series, and the Porsche GT3 Cup, among others. Mr. Cisneros won the Porsche GT3 Cup national championship two years in a row in 2010 and 2011 and has several class wins at the American Le Mans Series GTC category. He is also co-owner and director of MW Company, a global automotive accessories company. He is currently a director at Cisneros Corporation and has expertise in sales, marketing, social media, and finance.


Eric Meyer

Member of the Board of Directors

Eric Meyer comes from the military supply chain and logistics industry working with the Department of Defense and Global Aerospace companies.  In 2001 he earned the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award using his Lean and Six Sigma education from Purdue University.  In 2005, Eric found his first DE event  and later transitioned to Spec Miata, Grand-Am, and Pirelli World Challenge acting as both driver and team owner.  In 2011 he earned the Jim Cook award from SCCA Pro Racing for series promotion and sportsmanship.  Eric currently resides in Indianapolis Indiana where he passionately promotes DE student and instructor learning.  He is the founder of Instructor Summit and has been the Chief Instructor of the NASA Great Lakes region since 2014.  

Scot Elkins

President/Member of the Board of Directors

Scot Elkins is a motorsport industry veteran having been the Race Director for FIA Formula E, Deputy Race Director for F1/F2 and F3,  COO for IMSA; Technical Director for ChampCar; and a race engineer for NASCAR and IRL teams. Elkins brings 25+ years of motorsport experience to the foundation, providing expertise in areas such as officiating, event operations, race management, circuit inspection, and vehicle design/engineering. Elkins graduated from Indiana State University with a degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. He has 4 children and resides in Southern CA with his wife, Lauren.

Ross Bentley

Member of the Board of Directors

Ross Bentley is a performance coach, race car driver, author, and speaker. His performance coaching spans executive/business coaching to sports . Born in Vancouver, BC, Bentley grew up in a racing household . He became one of only seven Canadian drivers to race in the CART Indy Car series in the 1990s; he continued his professional career in endurance racing. Bentley won the 1998 GT3 United States Road Racing Championship and the 2003 SRPII Class Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. Bentley currently owns a consulting business which focuses on improving the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations through coaching, workshops, and the development of custom-designed programs. Ross has written a series of books under the Speed Secrets name and is the most successful author of racing books in the world. 

Greg Haas

Member of the Board of Directors

Greg Haas has been involved in motorsports since his racer parents took him to Marlboro Speedway as a child.   His background ranges from successful club racer to manager of various highly developed driver and instructor training programs for Summit Point Motorsports Park.  As a trainer, he has taught equipment operators, snowboarders, and technology professionals to name a few.  Greg's professional focus and genuine personality have led to his appointment as Motorsport Programs Manager.  He remains an active right seat coach and classroom presenting professional.  

Rod Susman

Member of the Board of Directors

Rod Susman received his race competition license in 1960, and has had a passion for motorsport and teaching ever since – despite spending 6-plus years playing professional tennis on the international circuit (his wife, Karen, is a former Wimbledon singles and doubles champion). Through racing, Rod discovered his love of teaching, beginning to instruct track drivers and racers in the early 1980s; he’s instructed professionally for the past three decades, and has been the Chief Driving Instructor for VARA (Vintage Auto Racing Association) for nearly ten years where he’s authored the Instructor Manual. In addition, Rod has organized and promoted numerous track days, both private and for clubs. He’s excited about giving back to the sport that has been so rewarding for him, and helping instructors through his role in MSF.

Chuck Tucker

Member of the Board of Directors

Chuck Tucker is passionate about driving, teaching and learning.  He has instructed for 20+ HPDE organizations over the last two decades, and has helped train instructors for PCA, BMW CCA and NASA.  He was a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Illinois, where he won multiple teaching awards.  As a university administrator, oversaw undergraduate and online education for the campus.  He has taught classroom sessions for multiple HPDE organizations and shared his classroom materials widely.  He moderates the HPDE Classroom Instructors group on Facebook and he launched a website, HPDEclassroom.com, where instructors can share classroom materials.  He is on the leadership team of Instructor Summit, and he is co-editor of The HPDE Curriculum Guide and The Performance Driving Glossary.  

Eric Kaul

Member of the Board of Directors

Eric Kaul has been actively involved in HPDE since 2010 and been an HPDE instructor since 2013. Since 2011, he has held official Membership facing roles with BMW CCA Boston Chapter, NASA Northeast, Instructor Summit and as founder/lead administrator of the HPDRE community groups. Since 2021, Kaul has started racing with teams in AER, ChampCar and Lemons and is well known throughout the HPDE and Racing world as everyone’s inside guy at Verizon Wireless. However, when he isn’t volunteering in the High Performance Driving and Racing Enthusiast community; he spends time with his wife, two kids and three dogs at home outside of Boston, MA. 


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