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2024 HPDE Level 2 Instructor Training Schools



March 2-3*             Chin Track Days MSF L 2 at Eagles Canyon (


March 8 *                Carolina Region PCA at CMP 


March 16-17*       The Driver’s Edge MSF Level 2 at Motorsport Ranch Cresson  (


March 22 *              Potomac Region PCA at Summit Point

March 23*             Allegheny Region PCA National and MSF L 2 at Pitt Race


March 23*             AUDI Club NA North West MSF Level 2 at the Ridge Motorsports Park


April 6-7*              Just Track it MSF Level 2 Classroom at NCM (


April 6-7*                Lone Star Zone 5 PCA at MSR Houston


April 13*                Rocky Mtn and Alpine Mtn region PCA at Colorado State Patrol Track


April 19-20*          NASA Great Lakes Part 1 MSF L2 ITS at Mid-Ohio  (


April 20*                Northern NJ region PCA at NJMP


April 20*                    Niagara Region PCA MSF L 2Classroom in the Rochester NY area (required and Part 1 of 2)


May 3*                     St. Louis region PCA at World Wide Technology  


May 24*                          NASA Great Lakes Part 2 of MSF Level 2 ITS at Mid-Ohio (


May 27-28*               Niagara Region PCA On track MSF L 2 (part 2 of 2) at Watkins Glen Intl.


June 7*                     Upper Canada Region PCA at Mosport/CTMP


June 7-9*                     Rally Sport Region PCA MSF Level 2 at Grattan Raceway


July 28-29*                  HOD Northeast MSF Level 2 at NJMP               (


July 31-Aug 1*            Niagara Region PCA On track (part 2 of 2) MSF L2 at Watkins Glen Intl


August 3-4*                 Buckeye BMW CCA MSF L2 at Mid-Ohio


August 28-29*             Niagara Region PCA On track MSF L 2 (part 2 of 2) at Watkins Glen Intl.


Sept 7-8*                   Just Track it MSF Level 2 Classroom at Road Atlanta (


Sept 27*                   Central Indiana region PCA at Putnam Park


Oct 4*                        Florida Citrus at Roebling Road


Nov 2-3*                         The Drivers Edge MSF Level 2 at Motorsports Ranch Cresson.


Nov 22-24*              Suncoast PCA at Sebring


HPDE Hand Signals

Michael Silver demonstrates the various hand signals instructors use in HPDE.

Head & Neck Restraint Tips

Pointers on how to adjust the tethers on a Frontal Head Restraint, how the system works, and why it is a crucial safety feature in any type of racecar.

How to Crash Safely

Dr. Steve Olvey, Founding Fellow of the FIA Institute for Motorsport Safety, shows some ways to avoid injuries in a crash.

Level 2 ITS requirements 

A document explaining the standards required to apply for Level 2 certifications. 

Level 2 recertification requirements  

The latest Level 2 re-certification requirements document, uploaded 10/21/2023.  

Level 2 re-certification FAQ

Check your Level 2 Instructor expiration dates

Lead-Follow Procedure Template (1)

Lead Follow Template Document 

A Template for Organizations to use to help develop their own Lead Follow program. As discussed in the 5-20-2020 Lead Follow Webinar. 

Lead Follow hand Signals .pdf


MSF Level 3 for CDIs 

View the replay of the Level 3  webinar from 6-11-2024 with Eric Meyer and Chuck Tucker 

MSF Level 3 for Instructors 

View the replay of the Level 3  webinar from 6-12-2024 with Eric Meyer and Chuck Tucker 

MSF Level 2 Recertification 

View the replay of the Level 2 Recertification   webinar  with Eric Meyer and Chuck Tucker 

Lead Follow Webinar 5-20-2020

View the replay of the Lead Follow Best Practices webinar from 5-20-2020 with Ross Bentley, Bill Wade (BMWCCA) and David Ray (HOD). 

The Student Interview 7-13-2020

View the replay of the Student Interview  webinar with Ross Bentley, Bill Wade  (BMWCCA) and  Eric Meyer (Instructor Summit)

Lead Follow Q&A 6-22-2020 

View the replay of the Lead Follow Q&A webinar with Ross Bentley, Greg Haas (BSR), James Bergeron and Andrew Rains (Porsche PTX Barber) 

Webinar: A New Instruction Model: No More On-Off Switch 11-24-2020

View the replay of the New Instruction Model webinar where we discuss a new model for instruction, using technology and answer question.

MSF Health and Safety Best Practices  9-14-2020

View the replay of the Health and Safety Best Practices Webinar: operating Events in the current climate. 

The HPDE Curriculum Guide 2-9-2021

View the replay of the Webinar.

What happens when 10 veteran HPDE chief and classroom instructors get together and talk about best practices for driver education?  The HPDE Curriculum Guide.  Join us for a look at a new, free resource that can help your HPDE organization improve its driver training program.

To get your free guide click below:


common driving errors

A list of common driving errors, what causes them, and how best to manage, control, and fix them.

training modes

An explanation of the three training modes: coaching, teaching, and instructing.


Resources to help instructors improve their driving knowledge and their ability to instruct.


What resources would you like to see? We welcome your suggestions!