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Level 2 Training Schedule

2020 dates and locations

-March 21-22 Audi Glacier Lakes Chapter

-June 12-13 PCA Rally Sport Region w Ross Bentley

-Sept 4-5 Empire State Ferrari Club Watkins Glen…/instructor-development-2020…

Watkins Glen with BMWCCA GVC…/gvc-june-driving-instructor…

HPDE Hand Signals

Michael Silver demonstrates the various hand signals instructors use in HPDE.

Head & Neck Restraint Tips

Pointers on how to adjust the tethers on a Frontal Head Restraint, how the system works, and why it is a crucial safety feature in any type of racecar.

How to Crash Safely

Dr. Steve Olvey, Founding Fellow of the FIA Institute for Motorsport Safety, shows some ways to avoid injuries in a crash.


The minimum standards for the curriculum and operation of a Level 2 CERTIFIED instructor training program.


A list of common driving errors, what causes them, and how best to manage, control, and fix them.


An explanation of the three training modes: coaching, teaching, and instructing.


Resources to help instructors improve their driving knowledge and their ability to instruct.


What resources would you like to see? We welcome your suggestions!