The only independent certification program for High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) Instructors


 The CERTIFIED program is a nationally recognized, independent certification program similar to the PADI program for open water diving. It establishes a path of continuing education and provides a formal record of achievement for your efforts as an HPDE Instructor. 

The program is defined by established levels of achievement with each level building upon the next to allow progression through the ranks of the HPDE instructor community.

In collaboration with leaders in the HPDE community, MSF has created standards for the selection, training, and certification of high- performance driving instructors.


Yes, if you are a new or experienced HPDE Instructor looking to establish, tune up, or improve your skills. 

Yes, if you are interested in helping establish minimum standards for Instructors, which helps build consistency and safety in HPDE. 

Yes, if you currently instruct for a CERTIFIED Event Organizer. In fact, many HPDE Event Organizers now require Instructors to complete the CERTIFIED program as a requirement to instruct from the right seat.

To learn more, check out the FAQs below. 

Our mission is to improve the standards for HPDE schools, instructor training programs, and Instructors for the purpose of providing a safer, better quality experience .


Level 1

Level 1 is the first step on your way to becoming MSF CERTIFIED.

It is a required course which is taught online, and even if you have extensive experience, Level 1 will act as a refresher and define the terms and processes that are consistent throughout the CERTIFIED program. Upon completion of this course, you are qualified to attend an Event Organizer-led, hands-on Level 2 instructor training program.

You can register for the Level 1 online course via Motorsport Reg here.


• $50 one-time fee

• hard card with lanyard

• certificate of completion

• Listing in database of certified Instructor candidates

• 10% discount on tires from Track Day Tire

• 15% discount on select products from MOMO

The Motorsport Safety Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Contributions are tax-deductible.

Level 2

Level 2 is different than Level 1 (although Level 1 is a prerequisite to Level 2) in that the Event Organizer’s training program is CERTIFIED by MSF, not the individual. The Event Organizer achieves this by meeting the minimum standards for training as established by MSF. The CERTIFIED Event Organizer then puts on Level 2 instructor clinics, and at these events the Event Organizer grants Level 2 certification to the participants who meet or exceed the standards in their training program. The Organizer provides this list to MSF and we then provide a link to the Event on Motorsport Reg to the Instructor. 

Event Organizer-led Level 2 training is a hands-on, in-depth program that occurs at and on the track. It includes classroom instruction and on-track mentoring rides and puts HPDE Instructors in a position to become right-seat-qualified and MSF-CERTIFIED.

A schedule of Event Organizer Level 2 training programs can be found here.


• $35 fee 

• 3-year certification period (Requires recertification after this period, See your Chief Instructor for details)

• Level 2 hard card sticker

• CERTIFIED HPDE Instructor helmet stickers 

• Listing in database of certified Instructors

The Motorsport Safety Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.Contributions are tax-deductible.

Working with the MSF Advisory Council, which consists of members from the HPDE community, MSF has clarified the certification time period and defined the guidelines for recertification. 

CERTIFIED Level 2 update:

 ·       Instructors are certified for a 3-year period  

 ·       All current Level 2 Instructor MotorsportReg profiles will be updated to reflect a new expiration date 3-years from the date of initial Level 2 certification. 

 After the 3-year  period, the following recertification guidelines are in place:

·       Complete a “check” ride with an approved Level 2 organization (in-car check). This is an instructing check not a ‘driving check”. The “driving check” (checking the instructors driving skills) is optional. 

·       Confirmation (provided from the instructor seeking recertification to the respective Level 2 organization representative) the Instructor has instructed at least 6 days since the effective date of initial certification as listed on the instructors MotorsportReg profile. 

·       Level 2 Organizers have the ability to approve instructors on a RARE exception basis if they have instructed 4 days over the past 4 years. 

·       Instructors may be recertified by ANY Level 2 CERTIFIED organization (it is not required to be the same organization as the initial certification and some organizations may have additional requirements).  

The registration process for recertification is the same as the initial Level 2 certification: 

·       Organizers will send a list of recertified Instructors to MSF. 

·       MSF will then send an invitation email to the Instructor to register via MotorsportReg.  

·       MSF will have an L2 recertification Event page on MotorsportReg (which will be private). The fee for the recertification will be $25. The recertification is valid for an additional 3 years from the date of registration on MotorsportReg. 

The recertification program will help to ensure that Instructor education is continuing and that industry standards are being met. Both of which are goals of the CERTIFIED program. 

Level 3

The Motorsport Safety Foundation’s Level 3 HPDE Instructor certification is intended to encourage Level 2 instructors to broaden their instructing experienced and develop greater expertise in instructing, to provide a tool for MSF-certified HPDE organizations to build skills and expertise among their instructors, and to recognize instructors who have achieved a significant level of skill at in-car instruction.


Level 3 is designed so that it could be achieved within three years after earning Level 2 by an instructor who is involved in the sport and works actively to improve their knowledge and skills.  Safety is central to the mission of MSF, and MSF-certified instructors are expected to set a good example for others, both on and off the track. MSF reserves the right to revoke the Level 3 certification of any individual whose behavior as a driver or instructor is inconsistent with MSF’s mission of improving safety in non-competitive motorsport.


It is recommended to read the following documents prior to registering for Level 3.


Level 3 Standards:

Level 3 FAQ.

Level 3 Application:



Event organizers and Chief Driving Instructors will find additional Level 3 certification information at:


• $25 fee 

• 3-year certification period (Requires recertification after this period, See your Chief Instructor for details)

• Level 3 hard card

• CERTIFIED Level 3 Instructor helmet stickers 

• Listing in database of certified Instructors.

Register now

Level 3 online course (registered users) 

The Motorsport Safety Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.Contributions are tax-deductible.

Current Level 2 Organizations


I've been instructing for years. Do I need to do this?

Yes, even if you have extensive experience instructing, this program will help "refresh" some concepts and ideas about the sport. The purpose is to set a baseline for all instructors so that instructing, regardless of the organization, is meeting a minimum standard. It helps that you and others are on the same page, and use common language, definitions, and approaches.

What if I don't bother becoming CERTIFIED?

Then you will not be CERTIFIED, and that may limit you to where you can instruct.  As you know, some HPDE events enlist drivers at the last minute to instruct students, and they’ve been selected simply on the basis of being fast drivers – not because they’re good Instructors. This lowers the standards for HPDE programs, and can be dangerous for both student and Instructor.

Do I get some way of showing that I'm a CERTIFIED Instructor?

You will receive a "hard card" credential that indicates your level of certification, as well as a certificate of completion. Your name and certification level will be posted in MSF's national database through That way, Event Organizers will be able to check your Instructor qualifications, no matter where in the country you are.

What qualifies the MSF to set standards?

The MSF has consulted with the most experienced and accomplished industry experts (HPDE Instructors and Event Organizers) over the years and integrated the shared input and feedback into the standards. It should be noted that the standards as initially set out are meant to be the minimum, and will be raised over time with further input and feedback from all CERTIFIED Event Organizations and Instructors.

How does a car club or business's instructor training program become CERTIFIED?

Any HPDE Event Organizer can apply to the MSF for certification of its instructor training programs. First, the instructor training program standards are posted on our resource page, so make sure your program covers them. Then, submit your curriculum outline to the MSF for approval:

Why can't I log into my CERTIFIED account?

To log into your CERTIFIED account, visit, enter your username (most likely your email address) and password. If you have forgotten your username and/or password, click on the "I've forgotten my username/password" link on the webpage, or email and we'll be happy to help! Please note that your CERTIFIED account is not accessible via the MSF website or MotorsportReg. Your account on MotorsportReg is created in order to register and pay for the online course, and upload the ID-style photo used for your future hard card credential. 

Why haven't I received my hard card and certificate?

If it has been more than a few weeks since you completed the Level 1 online course and you have not received your completion package, please make sure that you have uploaded an ID-style profile photo to your MotorsportReg account. Without a photo, we are unable to print your hard card credential. Images with sunglasses, helmets or any other items that cover your face will not be accepted. Kindly make sure the image is not too small or blurry, and that you are looking directly at the camera. If you had uploaded your image after completing the Level 1 course, please let us know as you may still be marked as lacking one in our records. It is also important to make sure your mailing address is accurate on MotorsportReg. We are using the contact details you include in your profile to send your completion package. If the address has been updated since you first registered, please email us with your new contact details since we do not get notified when they change.

As a HPDE event organizer, won’t we be losing our advantage over our competitors by being involved in this program?

Your competitive advantage is in the way you organize your events, your schedule, locations/facilities, pricing, and the customer experience you provide your students. Safety is a different story. This is no different from how airlines operate. Airlines provide different levels of services and pricing, but they must all meet or exceed the safety standards set by the FAA. Having shared safety standards benefits all airlines because all suffer when a serious incident occurs.

What if our instructor training program covers things not included in the standards set by the MSF?

The standards set for the curriculum and operation of an instructor training program are the minimums, and we encourage organizations to go beyond them, as long as something doesn’t conflict with the certification standards.

How does an organization show that its instructor training program is CERTIFIED?

Upon approval of an organization's instructor training program curriculum, you will be able to advertise that your organization is MSF CERTIFIED and MSF will add you to the list of CERTIFIED Organizations.

How will ongoing quality and adherence to standards be monitored?

MSF will conduct random quality control audits of instructor training programs, as well as individual Instructors.

How do I access my discount from  proudly support MSF in our quest to improve the standards and operations of HPDE schools, instructor training programs, and Instructors. Instructor candidates earning level 1 certifications receive a sponsorship code for a 10% discount in addition to reduced flat rate shipping on tires from If you are a CERTIFIED Instructor or instructor candidate and have not received your sponsorship code, please send a message to and we will be happy to assist you.